Easter challange



The task was to prepare an Easter campaign that will increase the image of TESCO among the target group of women aged 25-45. The typical tradition of Easter is pouring water over ladies, so they stay healthy throughout the year. The tradition itself may be a bit harsh, so it opened the question if women really like it. In the Women’s Survey, everyone answered no. So, we decided to create a TESCO Easter Challenge – Men, do rather something useful with that water!

We created 3 online videos, each with a different challenge for different age groups. Instead of pouring water over women, men or boys were challenged to wipe the floor, wash the dishes or bath the dog.

Men and women accepted the Easter challenge by joining the Facebook event. The women sent invitations to the men through the microsite, which allowed us to collect email contacts. The topic of our campaign could not be skipped even on YouTube and it also received a lot of attention from the media.  

Easter challenge


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